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Products And Services

Superior Service  -  Premium Products  -  Reasonable Rates

Superior Service  - In this rapidly changing world we live in, this concept seems to be disappearing more and more every day. Not with us! Nor will it ever. We man our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  In the highly unlikely event that we can't get to you the same day that you call, (usually within a few hours) we will definitely be there the next day. Unless your call is for emergency, after hours service. With this, we always guarantee we'll be there within one to three hours! We'll always be there when we say we're going to, in a clean, new, fully stocked truck. The serviceman will have decades of experience, be in uniform and will be highly qualified to do the job! (Not someone in training, that's learning the trade, at your expense.) Also, most importantly, all of our work is fully guaranteed in writing.

Premium Products  - Wayne-Dalton  and  LiftMaster are manufacturers of some of the highest quality garage doors and openers in the world! They are on our "A" list of products that we represent. We also have access to anything else that anyone else can get, and will do it at a competitive price. Another example of our commitment to quality is with our choice of repair springs that we use. We always use high cycle, coated torsion springs. As a matter of fact, we are so confident in their quality, we guarantee them for life! The seamingly little stuff is important to us as well. Here's just one example. The weather seal trim that is used to trim up your new door is nailed on with stainless steel nails that are counter sunk so you won't see them. A box of stainless steel nails is about a hundred dollars, as opposed to regular nails that can be had for about fifteen bucks a box. Stainless steel might not seem like a big deal, until you look around and see the little streams of rust that are running out of the holes where stainless steel nails weren't used. It doesn't happen for a year or two, so most companies don't care. We do!

Reasonable Rates - With the high quality of our products and services, you would think that our prices would be much higher than everyone else. They're not! As a matter of fact, they're almost always lower. We take pride in the fact that our company's success has been built on repeat customers and referrals. Our belief, is to keep the price as low as possible and the quality as high. Rather than get as much as you can out of a customer that you'll never see again, treat them well, and you'll have them (and their friends and relatives) as customers for life!

Click On Our "Monthly Specials" Page, Or See Some Of Our Favorite Doors And Openers By Clicking On These Links: Wayne-Dalton and LiftMaster. We Also Service, Repair and Install All Brands of Garage Doors and Openers. For Immediate Service, CALL: 651-457-7776