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Testimonials and Reviews


Garage Door Opener Review:  LiftMaster (residential)

First of all, I should introduce myself.  My name is Dean Lacy, president of Expert Door Company, Inc.  I have, what I would consider to be, an extensive background in the garage door and opener repair business.  I was a service man for a very large garage door company in the Twin Cities, MN where I gained nearly a decade of experience.  During which time, I performed around 10,000 service calls.  Since that time, I started my own garage door company, (Expert Door Company, Inc.) where I've gained close to another decade of experience and almost 10,000 more service calls! I am very proud to say that after nearly 2 decades and almost 20,000 service calls I have never had a customer complaint and I'm "A" rated with the BBB!

I should begin this review by stating clearly... LiftMaster brand  residential openers are among my favorites, although they, like all brands, have both good and not so good qualities.

When doing a review, I like to start with what I consider weak links.  The general consensus of the door men I know, myself included, is that the weak link in the common residential LiftMaster opener is the non-metal gears (I refer to as plastic.)

I have done many, gear replacements over the years.  Which by the way, is the bread and butter opener repair for most garage door companies.  I would also like to point out that all openers have their weak links, and this is probably the only weak link in the  LiftMaster residential line (keeping in mind I am referring to professionally installed openers with a one piece rail system, not the store bought multi-piece rail models that I would not recommend).

Interestingly enough though, nearly all of the gear changes I have done have been on chain driven models. That's hundreds of gear changes, and less than a handful on belt driven openers.  I believe the reason for this is simple.  The chain has no give and is very jarring on the gears when you start and stop the opener. The belt on the other hand has the slightest amount of give, as well as a spring loaded connector to the carriage assembly,  which absorbs the jarring effect on the gears, extending their life dramatically.

One of the problems, for me, as a door man, with the belt driven opener, has always been the convincing of the customer, that this is the one to go with.  A lot of people are convinced that the chain is stronger than the belt and they are afraid that the belt will break.  Granted, I have never seen a broken chain and I have seen a couple of broken belts, for me, the trade off between that, and hundreds of stripped gears I think speaks for itself.  Also, many of the belt driven models of today have a lifetime warranty on the belt, which tells me that they have come a long way with the technology of the design of the belt. I am also a huge fan of how quietly they run!

All in all, I give a very high rating to the LiftMaster line of residential openers and my highest rating to the belt drive models.

Dean Lacy, President
Expert Door Company, Inc.

UPDATE...(11/01/2007) Well, I wrote this review about a year ago, and some new, and really great things seem to have happened at LiftMaster. It seems the new 3/4 h.p. models (#3575 Chain, & #3585 Belt) not only have a bigger, better motor, they now have a sealed, perminantly lubricated gear box! I've been installing these openers for about a year now and haven't had a lick of trouble with them yet! I guess like everything else, time will be the best judge, but if I had to guess, I think it looks like a change for the better!

UPDATE...(10/01/2009) Now I've installed hundreds of these 3/4 h.p. models and still haven't had a single warranty call! In my opinion, they have a couple of bullet proof models in the line up!!!

UPDATE...(11/01/2010) WOW! Still, not a single warranty call!

UPDATE...(02/05/2012)  These guy's never stop! The new "DC" motor units are so quiet you can hardly hear them run, and are getting rave reviews all over the country!




  Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did installing my new garage door.  We just love it.  I will highly recommend you to friends and family.  I found you to be very knowledgeable regarding your product line and conscientious regarding customer needs and safety.  More over your service was remarkably fast and efficient.  Thank you.  In the future I will come to you with my garage door and opener needs. 

Thanks again

      Stephanie Devine

My name is Pam Campbell and I am the property manager of a large apartment complex in the Twin Cities. We have about a hundred garage doors, with openers. For years we called the garage door company that Dean worked for and specifically requested him. We knew that if we got Dean things would be fixed properly and in short order. How quickly things are repaired is important when you're paying by the hour. Knowing that our residents complaints about broken garage doors or openers will be resolved quickly, takes a big load off of my busy schedule. He shows up when he says he will, and usually on the same day that we call. His pleasant demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with. When Dean let us know that he started his own company we could not have been happier. Based on our experience with Dean, I must say that I recommend him highly and it's my opinion that anyone calling Expert Door Co. will be very satisfied.

Pam Campbell
Property Manager
Royal Oaks Apartments

Because of illness, recent surgery and Chemo. I got to the point where I couldn't even lift my old wood door anymore. It didn't have an opener because in the past, I was told it couldn't because of some low beams in my garage. Dean came out and took a look, and for way less money than I ever thought possible, put in a new, light weight (and very nice looking) steel garage door. He also installed an opener where others said it wasn't possible. I'm thrilled and would definitely recommend calling Dean.

Deb Thul
West St. Paul


I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your professionalism and excellent service at your recent repair visit to my home.  You were prompt, ethical and a great help to us and our broken garage door in the minus 20 degree weather!
Keep up the great business and I will be referring my friends and family to you.

Mark J. Holman


Dear Dean,
  I just spent the best $129.00 that I can remember. ($79.00 for the service call, and $50.00 extra for weekend emergency service.)
When my garage door stuck last night and I couldn't get into the garage, I was so upset. Here I am over 55 years old, it is a Friday night in December, the temperature is 10 degrees. It is going to snow tonight and tomorrow. I don't know a thing about automatic door openers. How am I going to get into my garage? What am I going to do when the people come to plow my driveway? How am I going to get to work on Monday?
  I was able to open the door manually but not able to shut it again. My garage door was open all night...
  I looked in "DexOnline" and called two companies. The first company had a voicemail answering service and I left a message. Next I called Expert Door Company on Saturday morning and talked to you, Dean. You told me that you would be out within two hours.
  You were out within one hour and forty five minutes. Within the next 45 minutes my garage door opener worked and you explained the problem to me. Good Job!!!
  I found you polite, personable, expert, and reasonable. I will be recommending you to my neighbors and considering you my "door man".
  I will be calling you in the spring to do some routine door maintenance. (All of my appliances, equipment and cars last a long time because I believe in maintaining everything in good working order.)

Julie Merrill

Thank you!!!

Best $129.00 I've spent in a long time.